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Issue 38 - April 2008
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Wow, what weather we are having! Although Bath is looking fabulous with hardy daffodils in the Spring sunshine, they are struggling through the hail and snow!
Our new exhibition from Andrea Galer is open and receiving rave reviews and the Jane Austen Centre is getting busier every day - enjoy the newsletter.
More from me next month .

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Jackie Herring

*Many thanks again to 'austenblog' and it's contributors for keeping the newsletter informed of some of the many events and happenings in the world of Jane Austen.

They don’t walk and they don’t turn single!
Jane Austen's Regency Dancers Here’s a really great article on authentic Regency period dancing by a dance historian. Did you know that Regency Dancers don’t walk?
 New products as selected by you
Jane Austen Centre earrings
After a recent survey of customers to our online Giftshop, Becca has sourced some new products which were asked for. What do you think?

 The Jane Austen Festival News 
Jane Austen Festival promenaders
A précis of the whole Jane Austen Festival is now on the web.
Full details including prices, venues and booking arrangements will follow soon.
 Preparing for a Ball: Regency Style
Netherfield Ball Darcy and Liz

Just how did the ladies prepare themselves and how long did it take?

Read on to discover the secrets kept behind closed boudoir doors.

 Another funny Youtube spoof
Darcy shirt

For everyone who enjoyed Andrew Davis’ efforts in P&P by getting Colin Firth to plunge into the lake!


 ‘Miss Austen Regrets’ hits the UK screens – at last
Miss austen regrets
Earlier this year American audiences saw this biopic of Jane
Austen’s later life as part of the PBO ‘Austen’ season. Reviews have been great so we are all really keen to see it. We only have to wait until Sunday 27th of April at 8pm - Hooray!


 A recipe from our online magazine
Georgian Ice Creams
While ice cream, or Ices, as they were called, had been known in England since the 1670's, they were an exclusive dish that appeared only on the king's table.
Find out out how to make these 'Regal' deserts.

 Only real fans wanted in this survey.
Jane Austen - Melissa Dring
Have you read all six of Austen's major novels? Do you consider yourself a sincere admirer? If so, you are hereby invited to participate in this survey of Austen readers.
It will take about 15 minutes to complete.
Results will be presented at the annual meeting of the Jane
Austen Society of North America.
Interested? Follow the link.



A bunch of questions about the elopements, adultery, seductions and mistresses.
Have you been affronted by some of the risque scenes in the
Take this quiz to find out what was really included in the

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