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Issue 72 - February 2011
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This week began with Valentine’s Day, the sun is shining and it feels like spring might actually be on its way and Colin Firth (and the fabulous Helena Bonham Carter) is clutching a BAFTA! So, I am as happy a creature as” could rationally be hoped in the dirty month of February.”

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Donna Lodge

  The King's Speech sweeps the board!
Colin Firth

We were all very excited to watch the BAFTA’s this weekend and see Colin Firth collect his Best Actor award. ‘The King's Speech’ was nominated in 14 categories and won in seven, including ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best British Film’. Oscars here we come . . . .  .

  Nancy Mayer -  Regency Researcher 
Regency Researcher

Nancy Mayer has been collecting information on the Regency period for many, many years and now has this wonderful website. Here you will find some fascinating information and even be able to pose questions to her in the ‘Ask Nancy’ section.

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Stationery Sale

This weekend you can save 10% on all stationery in our online gift shop! Just enter 'BAFTA' during the first stage of checkout and then press update! Did we mention thta Colin had won the BAFTA . . . . . . ??

“You pierce my soul . . .” 
Anne Elliot

If you have finished opening your Valentines by now then perhaps you would now like to read this history of love letters. Letters play pivotal roles in all of Jane Austen's works yet she rarely attempts to actually spell out the contents of a love letter. Read on . . . . . . .

  Faulks on Fiction
Sebastian Faulks

Author Sebastian Faulks has a new book and TV show out which takes a compelling and personal look at the British novel through its greatest characters - the heroes, the lovers, the snobs and the villains. Of course, Mr Darcy makes the list! Take a peek.

  "Very little white satin, very few lace veils” 
P&P Wedding Of course wedding fever is hitting us here in Britain with the forthcoming royal marriage. What will Kate wear? In the Regency era, it was the custom for most brides to wear their best gowns to their weddings and then to wear them frequently afterwards. Shocking!
  A tale of a Gentleman and an Officer
Darcy & Fitzwilliam ‘Darcy and Fitzwilliam, A tale of a Gentleman and an Officer’ is Karen Wasylowski’s very first book.  It is also her first dip into the Jane Austen adaption pond. This is Mr Darcy as you've never seen him before, relaxed and at ease! Read on for an interview with the author. 
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Jane Austen Centre’s Becca is sending you a call to arms! If she manages to get 1500 friends by 28th February she will offer a whole weekend of free worldwide postage! This fabulous Face Book page is updated constantly with Jane news and special offers, so sign up today, your Centre needs you!

'Regency World Quiz'
Appropriately for the month of St. Valentine, this month's quiz is all about 'love'ly quotes! Enjoy it.
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