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  1. SophiaRose says:

    Hello, I can’t seem to find the forum threads. I am not sure if the forum is up and running. I’ll send this in hope it takes me to the forum.

  2. Mister Allen says:

    Hello _ I can’t find where the rest of the forum is? Am I being stupid? Where are the discussion topics?

  3. Phaedra says:


    I know the forum is down but would any body know a good place to buy not rent a regency gown.

  4. Elbi says:

    Roommates needed,

    Hello everyone! I’m going to the Jane Austen Festival in September with my two sisters, and we are wondering if anybody is interested in renting a little cottage with us.

    Rooms are very expensive so we are going the rent a cottage route, so if there 2 kindred spirits out there who want to split the bill and have clever conversation with us, let me know and I’ll give you my email.

    Or if somebody else has a cottage already and has space for three more, let me know! we won’t have a car so we need something close.

    Thank you!


  5. austenfan85 says:

    Hello everyone! I just joined today. I am so excited to find this web site! I am looking forward to talking with other people about my favorite author Jane Austen! I also wanted to share with you guys a web site that I think you would love. It has really neat and full of a variety of t-shirts and totes including Jane Austen, Victorian, Queen Elizabeth I era and many more. Make sure you check it out. :)


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