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How to Make a Regency Era Bonnet

The Online Classroom at is now offering free instructions on how to create a Regency Era Style bonnet. These plans, found on their website, can be adapted to work with many styles of hat. During the Regency Era, ladies seldom went out of doors without a bonnet or hat. Styles ran the gamut from plain straw bonnets to elaborately trimmed capotes. The ones in these portraits are adorned with wide ribbons and lace: Creating your own bonnet to go with your Regency day dress is simple – you can take a ready-made hat and turn it into a Regency Era bonnet like the ones in these fashion plates: These bonnets share a common feature: the crowns are covered in a softly-gathered fabric, with additional trimmings including ribbons, flowers and plumes. There is a lot of room for embellishment once you have your classic bonnet made. Materials: 1 yard of 44” wide fabric 2 yards of 1/8” wide ribbon or cord 2 yards of 1” – 1 1/2” wide ribbon for bonnet ties Assorted trimmings such as ribbons, laces, feathers, etc. as desired One straw hat –A favorite source for straw hats and bonnets is Not only does this site sell plain straw frames to decorate, they also offer custom made hats, bonnets, reticules and accessories. You can also purchase bonnets both plain and ready made from our giftshop: Click here! Follow this link to the Pattern These instructions for a Regency style bonnet were created by Jennie Chancey

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