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Kings and Princes: Lives of the Georgian Royalty

Share this: George III: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert I did enjoy this book, Hibbert has a way of including small details of life within the larger context of of his subject which gives wonderful insight into both his subjects and the time he is writing of. For instance the quotes from Fanny Burney’s diaries of life in Court and the stiflingly formal dress and code of conduct to which they had to adhere. In some ways I found the chapters a bit muddling. The book doesn’t follow a complete continuum of time from start to finish. The chapters are all in an ordered timeline, but often the subject digresses and they will discuss events that take place years in advance. It isn’t a complaint, I just found it an interesting way of approaching the topic, and quite different from the previous books of Hibbert’s that I have read. This is a very sympathetic biography but very interesting. It is easy to see the King slipping into madness and why – and to pick the signs (such as his frenetic energy). It is also more than just an account of a mad King though and I enjoyed it for the depth of focus it bought. Well worth reading. Paperback: 480 pages Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd ISBN: 0140257373 Royal Dukes: The father and uncles of Queen Victoria by Roger Fulford   They have to reprint this book one day – or perhaps the time is right to do a more

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