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Every month we update the Online Magazine with fascinating articles on all aspects of Jane Austen’s Life and the Regency Period.

Persuasion's Sir Walter Elliot considers himself a Beau.

Regency Fashion

Regency fashion for Men, Women and Children.

Apricot "Cakes"

Regency Recipes

Authentic Regency recipes, with modern equivalents.


Regency History

Fascinating historical facts, military and geographical history.

Jane Austen’s Work

Jane Austen, her works and how they affect people today.


Media Reviews

Movies, sequels, knock-offs, re-writes and websites.

Grimaldi with his son, JS, who had a brief pantomime career


Who was Who during the Regency period.

Georgian ‘dearest’ ring. c. 1820  courtesy of The Spare Room Antique Jewelry.

Hands on Regency

Instructions for Regency inspired crafts and projects.

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