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Make Jane Austen Themed Bookmarks

A downloadable PDF template to create your own Austen Bookmarks Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s Fame and Fortune, Now and Then

Caroline Kerr Taylor explores Jane Austen’s financial and critical success Continue reading

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Mad about Mob Caps

Caps of all shapes and sizes had long been in use by men and women as fashion accessories and protection from the elements. There was an added benefit to the Regency miss, which Jane Austen wrote about to her sister, … Continue reading

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Martha Lloyd’s Whooping Cough Cure

With Whooping Cough (Pertussis) reaching epidemic levels in recent years, a push to promote vaccination against it has received renewed publicity. As part of the DTP and DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) dose, we now have the ability to avoid … Continue reading

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Jane Austen Cover to Cover by Margaret C. Sullivan, a review

A Review by Sophie Andrews Continue reading

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The Egyptian Hall

With the French occupation and exploration of Egypt in 1798 (Napoleon was seeking to cut off British interests in India) a mania for all things Pharonic came into vogue. The Battle of the Nile, in August, 1798, allowed the British … Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s First Love: A Novel, by Syrie James – A Review

A review by Christina Boyd of Austenprose Continue reading

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Jane Austen Waxwork

Jane Austen Waxwork We had a great time unveiling our new Jane Austen waxwork to the assembled media folk on Wednesday 9th of July. Reaction was overwhelmingly positive when the curtains were parted. The waxwork is now on public display. … Continue reading

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The Jane Austen Centre will be closed on the morning of Wednesday 9th July for the official unveiling of the Jane Austen waxwork. The Centre will open at 12.30pm, at which time the waxwork will be on show to visitors for the first time. Continue reading

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Upcycled Floral Brooch

Create a one of a kind floral brooch using upcycled pages from Austen’s own works Continue reading

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