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Hannah Snell: The Famous “Woman In Men’s Cloaths”


In 1746 Hannah Snell donned men’s apparel in order to find her wayward husband…

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Charles Wesley: Methodist Minister


Georgian writer of over 6,000 hymns.

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Lawn Bowls


A Regency past time with its roots in Medieval history…

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The Barker Family: Panorama Painters

An exterior view of the Burford Panorama.

Robert Barker revolutionized the way the world saw art, allowing the viewer to step into the painting for the first time.

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George Stubbs


Equine Painter George Stubbs was a close friend of Ozias Humphry, known for his paintings of Edward Austen-Knight, as well as the Rice Portrait.

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Philip Astley: Father of the modern circus

Sstley silhouette from his System of Equestrian Education, 1802

Jane Austen mention’s Astley’s Amphitheatre in both her letters and in Emma…

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The Microcosm of London: Astley’s Amphitheatre

Astley's Amphitheatre in London circa 1808. From the Microcosm of London.

Famous for the associated riding school and circus…

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The Jubilee of George III

The fireworks must have been similar in scale to those shown here: Handel's Fireworks Music, performed at his GRACE the Duke of RICHMOND'S at WHITEHALL and on the River Thames on Monday 15 May 1749. Performed by the direction of Charles Fredrick Esq. A hand-coloured etching.

Period impressions of the Golden Jubilee of George III

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Spencer Perceval: One of Britain’s forgotten Prime-Ministers


Although Jane Austen does not mention it in her published letters, indeed she rarely mentions politics or current events…she lived through one of the most shocking events in the history of the House of Commons when, in 1812, the Prime Minister was assassinated in the very lobby of the house. Spencer Perceval, though not particularly […]

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Paper Dolls

A history of Paperdolls and your own Regency Doll to print and cut out

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