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Jane-a-Day: The 5 Year Journal, by Potter Style


a review by Laurel Ann Nattress

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18th Century Umbrellas

Umbrellas often appear in Austen's novels as a chivalrous response to a lady's need. From left to right, Persuasion, Emma, Mansfield Park.

The word Umbrella literally means “a little shade”…

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DIY Tea Wreath

Kojo Designs' DIY Tea Wreath

Craft a ‘tea-lightful’ gift for yourself or a friend

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Jane Austin information from the Jane Austen Centre

Jane Austen by Melissa Dring

Jane Austin is a common mis-spelling of Jane Austen Jane Austin was born in 1775 at Steveton in Hampshire. She was the youngest of seven children, her father was the Reverend George Austen, her mother, Cassandra Austen. Her Brothers James and Henry eventually became clergymen like her father. Her other brothers Frank and Charles joined […]

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Free Iphone App

Jane Austen App

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath has been busy working on an Iphone app which will deliver a witty or meaningful quote from Jane Austen’s novels or letters to your phone every day.

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Hannah More and Jane Austen: Mary Crawford and Jane Fairfax


Arnie Perlstein examines “the sale—not quite of human flesh—but of human intellect”

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Film Scripts for the Austen Movies


When the final credits roll on an Austen film, whether you’ve loved it or not, it’s often fun to find out more. What were relationships like on and off the set? Where did they film these great houses? Who designed the costumes? Was the final product true to the script? Were there any extra scenes […]

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Barbara Cartland’s Mansfield Park


The 2007 made-for-television film Mansfield Park is not to be confused with Jane Austen’s 1814 novel of the same name. Like Lydia Bennet’s marriage, the ITV Park is “a patched up business.” The best scenes are William Price (Joseph Morgan) dancing a hornpipe and newlyweds Fanny (Billie Piper) and Edmund (Blake Ritson) waltzing on the […]

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Mansfield Park: A Review


Mansfield Park by Jane Austen While I’m not sure we really know how Mansfield Park rates among groups of readers, and there is evidence to suggest that like the other four novels beyond Pride and Prejudice, this one pleases slightly different subgroups of among Austen wide and varied audience, I was relieved to find that […]

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Mansfield Park: An Overview


Henry has finished “Mansfield Park,” and his approbation has not lessened. He found the last half of the last volume extremely interesting. Jane Austen to Cassandra March 9, 1814 Mansfield Park is a novel by Jane Austen, written at Chawton Cottage between 1812 and 1814. It was published in July 1814 by Thomas Egerton, who […]

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