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Jane Austen means different things to different people. It’s about the writing, the characters, the Regency period, the manners and morals. Whatever you like you will find something in our Online Magazine – an extensive archive of over 950 articles looking at the life and times of Jane Austen and life in the Regency era. Jane’s work, Fashion, History, Recipes, Crafts, Biographies and Media Reviews.

One of the most widely visited pages on our site is the Jane Austen Quiz. Why not test yourself and have some fun. Your score will be posted back to you.

Keep yourself up to date with the latest news on the celebrities, history, film, music, quiz and the latest trends, in the world of Jane Austen. They are all in the free Jane Austen newsletter. The newsletter is published monthly and will arrive on your desktop packed with articles, news, gossip and comment from ‘Jane Austen’s World’.

Visit the Jane Austen Forum where you can post your own comments on the discussion topics. (Registration is necessary).

When you fall in to the world of Jane Austen you will find yourself following the links from one article to another. You will try the quiz, perhaps sign up to the online newsletter. It is to literary fans what Spotify is to musicians and YouTube is to fans of the moving image.

I know you will find lots to enjoy in the fascinating World of Jane Austen.

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