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Titles and Precedence

Sir William Lucas had been formerly in trade in Meryton, where he had made a tolerable fortune and risen to the honour of knighthood by an address to the King during his mayoralty.
Pride and Prejudice

Titles of the British Royal Family and Peerage can be confusing to figure out. Add to that the fact that each station whether Princess, Duchess or Viscountess, Daughter of a Baron or Mother of the Earl has its own place in the social hierarchy,and you have a tngle no hostess wants to tackle. Consider being introduced in a Regency Drawingroom. Upon hearing your name everyone in the room knows who you are, who your father was, how much you are worth and what your social prospects are. Thanks to Debrett’s Peerage & Baronetage, a must read for any socially aspiring maiden, you could find out the history of anyone’s title, along with all of their family members. At last you could discover if Lord Ravenshaw was the younger son of an Earl or a penniless Baron. This was especially important, not only to avoid embarrassing yourself in distinguished company but also in winnowing down potential marriage prospects.

Obviously, the King and his wife were at the top of the Social Stratum. Their Children are Princes and Princesses– but when it comes to grandchildren, it gets tricky.

If the father of the children is a Prince in his own right (born to it), the

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