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A Matter of Name

I’m a vintage movie buff. Fortunately, the rest of my family enjoys an occasional vintage film. One night, we were watching an old Bob Hope film. At the end, Bing Crosby does a humorous cameo as a disappointed executioner. My daughter sensed she was missing something and asked me what was supposed to be funny about the stranger showing up at the end of the movie. I told her it was like the double take Mel Gibson and Danny Glover do on seeing each other in Maverick, since everyone knows they starred opposite each other in the Lethal Weapon series. Bob Hope and Bing Cosby had starred opposite each other in the very popular, at the time, Road movies. My daughter had seen Bob Hope from time to time due to my penchant for old films, but didn’t know anything about the pair’s Road movies. How long until young people don’t get the bank robbery scene in Maverick? This article is speculation on what may well be a forgotten connection between two similar names. Since Jane Austen wrote her novels as contemporary works, rather than as the historical novels we tend to think of them as, there are occasional references to events, objects, and customs that have ceased to be matters of day-to-day concern. In Sense and Sensibility, the dashing Willoughby, who proved to be deeply in debt, needed the promise of inheriting Allenham to keep his creditors at bay. A case can be made that Allenham, the name of

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