Sealing Your Letters Like a Georgian

Use a wax seal to add Georgian flair to your letters, notes and invitations.

How To Make a Reticule

Instructions from an early women’s magazine

Jane Austen Silhouette Easter Eggs

Try your hand at some silhouette Easter Eggs!

Make a Jane Austen Egg Cosy

Create a cute little egg cosy featuring our own Jane Austen.

Create a Household Book

Follow Martha Lloyd’s example and begin keeping your own household book– not only useful for your own reference and projects, but as a legacy for future generations.

Creating a Jane Austen Themed Christmas with Terri Heinz, Part 2

Create even more Jane Austen Christmas themed ornaments with Terri Heinz’s inspiring ideas.

Make Jane Austen Christmas Decorations with Terri Heinz

I recently discovered Terri Heinz’s lovely blog, Artful Affirmations. Here she presents and discusses her lovely collection of china and teacups, all gorgeously photographed. Terri is a talented artisan as well as photographer, and the chronicle of her journey towards creating a stunning Jane Austen themed Christmas tree was as visually delightful as it was… Read more about Make Jane Austen Christmas Decorations with Terri Heinz

Make Your Own Jane Austen Soap

This tutorial will have you making your own Jane Austen soap bars in no time!