How To Make a Reticule

Instructions from an early women’s magazine

Create a Custom Hatpin

Create your own Regency inspired hatpin

Create a “Marianne” Style Bonnet

Instructions for trimming your own Sense and Sensibility style bonnet

Make A Mob Cap

Make a mob cap

The Mob Cap, synonymous with the early American “founding mothers” Martha Washington and Betsy Ross, was actually a fashionable accessory worn by many women throughout the Georgian Era. Named for it’s association with the French “mobs” of that Revolution, it could be as exquisite or serviceable as the the wearer could afford or require.  … Read more about Make A Mob Cap

Create a Faux Bandeau

An easy to make Regency Bandeau style hair band.

Make Self Fabric Trim for your Georgian Gown

trim your Georgian/Rococo gown with self-fabric gathers

Create Regency Style Acrostic Jewelry

Use “the language of gems” to create your own one of a kind jewelry.

Create A Regency Style Turban

Use the following pattern and links to create your own Regency styled masterpiece.