This Week at the Jane Austen Gift Shop

It’s our brand new lighter, brighter, pinker Jane Austen Pyjamas! Brand new this week – You loved our Jane Austen Pyjamas, so here is our new pink version for summer! Super-comfy and made from 95% cotton, you won’t find these anywhere else! With delicate bobbled edging, drawstring waist and the quote “How much sooner one… Read more about This Week at the Jane Austen Gift Shop

Things to do in Bath – Jane Austen

What to do in Bath Jane Austen

There are lots of things to do in Bath if you like Jane Austen If you are visiting the Georgian City of Bath at any time of year there are lots of ways to get involved in the life of Jane Austen Bath’s most famous resident. The Jane Austen Centre in Gay Street is the… Read more about Things to do in Bath – Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice, one week to go!

  That’s right, one week to go and Mrs Bennet isn’t the only one struggling with her ‘nerves’! The rest of the cast and I have been working VERY hard over the past few weeks to bring this Austen classic to life and now we are at the final stages. The set is up, the… Read more about Pride and Prejudice, one week to go!

Meeting Mr Bennet

“For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?”     Full of wit, humour and lackadaisical nature, Mr Bennet has to be one the most memorable Austen characters of all time.  This week I have been working primarily with Bob (our very own Mr… Read more about Meeting Mr Bennet

Pride and Prejudice Rehearsals Weeks 1-6

 With four proposals, three Regency dances, two confrontations with Lady Catherine and one kiss with Mr Darcy, rehearsals are well under way.   It has been 6 weeks since our Pride and Prejudice journey began and oh so much has happened! Including all of this…   Meet the Bennet sisters!   And when we’re not… Read more about Pride and Prejudice Rehearsals Weeks 1-6

Aunt Jane’s Trial

Jane Leigh Perrot

The Trial of Mrs Jane Leigh Perrot – the Primary Sources by David Pugsley Discussions of Aunt Jane’s trial and the question whether she was innocent or guilty are normally based entirely on John Pinchard’s account, conveniently re-printed in MacKinnon’s Grand Larceny (1937), as if there was no other source of information and as if… Read more about Aunt Jane’s Trial

Meeting the Pride & Prejudice Cast

  Today was the day that every girl dreams of… meeting Mr Darcy.  Matthew Macfadyen set the bar pretty high, not to mention Colin Firth coming out of the lake with a soaking wet shirt on…  and then of course my favourite line of all ‘My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me… Read more about Meeting the Pride & Prejudice Cast

Austen Mania

austen mania

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an English graduate with absolutely no fortune must be in want of a job.   Three weeks later… And I landed myself with the most perfect role; dressing up in long, elegant dresses, talking about one of the most famous female authors of all time and not to… Read more about Austen Mania