Jane Austen Waxwork now in Bath England

The Amazing Jane Austen Waxwork at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath Although not breaking news, we thought you’d be interested in this article about the Jane Austen Waxwork which has appeared in Wikipedia. It contains lots of background info on the waxwork creation and the development of the original portrait by Melissa Dring. For… Read more about Jane Austen Waxwork now in Bath England

Guinness World Record

The Jane Austen Festival in Bath gained a Guinness World Record on the 13th of September 2014

Jane Austen Waxwork

Jane Austen Waxwork We had a great time unveiling our new Jane Austen waxwork to the assembled media folk on Wednesday 9th of July. Reaction was overwhelmingly positive when the curtains were parted. The waxwork is now on public display. Developed from a forensic portrait of the author by Melissa Dring, the waxwork has been… Read more about Jane Austen Waxwork


The Jane Austen Centre will be closed on the morning of Wednesday 9th July for the official unveiling of the Jane Austen waxwork. The Centre will open at 12.30pm, at which time the waxwork will be on show to visitors for the first time.

The Dandy Chargers

The Dandy Chargers In 1817 Baron Karl von Drais created the Lauf-maschine (running machine) / Draisienne / Mechanical Horse, the first human powered land vehicle to mount a serious bid for public acceptance. Satirically named the Dandy Charger. Then in 1818 Dennis Johnson, a coachmaker, of London developed an improved model that he called the… Read more about The Dandy Chargers

Adrian Lukis Interview

Adrian Lukis

Adrian Lukis was making the new Jane Austen Centre film when during a break we took the opportunity to grab a few minutes to interview the ex Mr. Wickham.

Happy Birthday Martin

The Jane Austen News is: Martin Salter

Martin Salter, the meeter and greeter at The Jane Austen Centre in Bath and officially recognised as ‘England’s Most Photographed Man’, celebrated his fiftieth birthday in style at the weekend.

2013 Jane Austen Festival Photographs

Jane Austen Festival

Official Festival photographer Owen Benson has now uploaded all the images he took of this year’s 2013 Jane Austen Festival for everyone to view. There are some stunning shots for you to enjoy.