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Jane Austen’s News – Issue #2

Jane Austen Exhibition Opens in Basingstoke A new temporary exhibition celebrating Jane Austen has opened in Basingstoke, England. Among the artefacts on display at the Willis Museum are Jane’s writing slope and spectacles. There is also the manuscript of one of her early works, The History of England, written in 1791, when she was just 15-years-old and living in Steventon. The various items are on temporary loan from a number of collections, making this a rare opportunity to see them together in the county of Jane’s birth. At the launch, Hampshire Cultural Trust also announced ‘Jane Austen 200’ – Hampshire’s big theme for 2017 which will mark the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death.   Jane Austen’s Matchmaker Zombies Kickstarter As we step into February (traditionally the month of love and romance), the makers of the Jane Austen Matchmaker Card Game (based on Jane Austen’s Emma) have launched a Kickstarter to create a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies version of their game. The player with the Curse must draw from the JAMZ (Jane Austen’s Matchmaker with Zombies) pile on their turn, and whenever someone gets married. Zombie cards transform the Cursed player’s Ladies and Gentlemen into zombies. Their combined Horror is deducted from the Cursed player’s score at the end of the game. If the Cursed player has no living characters to transform when they draw a Zombie card, they must pass the Curse onto another player. It sounds… gruesome! You can find full details on their kickstarter page.   Jane Austen (more…)
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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Free UK Screenings for Students

If you’ve missed the latest news about the impending launch of this film in the UK, now is a good time to catch up! Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is set to hit UK screens in February of 2016, and the good news is that The E4 Slackers Club will be hosting free screenings for students in the UK. The screenings are at various locations in England and Scotland, including one here in Bath where The Jane Austen Centre and Gift Shop are based. There’s still no word as to when the rest of us can see the film in their local cinemas, but we’ll update you as soon as we find out. In the meantime, this extended trailer should pique your interest. It gives a clear indication of the humorous intent of the rewrite, despite the gory subject matter, along with the audaciously reconceived characters and dialogue: Elizabeth – “I shall never relinquish my sword for a ring.” Jane – “For the right man you would” Elizabeth – “The right man wouldn’t ask me to.” Could this be a great pathway to Jane Austen? Are you boycotting Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.   About Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – The Movie The film is based on a 2009 parody novel written by Seth Grahame-Smith, which transforms Regency England into a sinister, zombie-ridden dystopia. Much of the original story and dialogue from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice remains intact, with the addition of a few hundred Regency zombies. (more…)
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Jane Austen’s News – Issue #1

Jane Austen’s World is our weekly compilation of stories about or related to Jane Austen. Here we will feature a variety of items, including craft tutorials, reviews, news stories, articles and photos from around the world. If you’d like to include your story, please contact us with a press release or summary, along with a link. You can also submit unique articles for publication in our Jane Austen Online Magazine. Jane Austen Changed My Life Thirteen women reveal the books that changed their lives in this Bustle article. 22-year-old Chelsea gives a moving quote about her relationship with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Pride and Prejudice has meant a lot to me, because I first read it when I was in second grade and didn’t really understand the emotional content of it, but when I reread it as I grew older I started to suddenly ~feel~ the emotions of the characters, so it’s like the book was my partner through emotional maturity. Jane Austen – Queen of Sass? Bustle name Jane Austen ‘Queen of Sass’ in their article which features Jane Austen quotes from her personal letters. Some of the quotes include: “Next week [I] shall begin my operations on my hat, on which you know my principal hopes of happiness depend.” — Letter from October 27, 1798, on the importance of hats “By the bye, as I must leave off being young, I find many Douceurs in being a sort of chaperon [at dances], for I am put on the Sofa (more…)
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Jane Austen Day – 16th December 2015

Jane Austen Day with CharlotteHappy Jane Austen Day!   Today we’re celebrating Jane’s birthday in Bath at the Jane Austen Centre and on the streets of the city. At the Centre we been performing traditional carols, giving out Cassandra Austen’s recipe plum pudding and mulled wine and generally having a bit of fun on this special day. Have you done anything for Jane Austen Day? Let us know. We’ve been asking members of the public if anyone knows what day it is. The results are great and you can see a short film we’ve made below. (more…)
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Make Jane Austen Christmas Decorations with Terri Heinz

I recently discovered Terri Heinz’s lovely blog, Artful Affirmations. Here she presents and discusses her lovely collection of china and teacups, all gorgeously photographed. Terri is a talented artisan as well as photographer, and the chronicle of her journey towards creating a stunning Jane Austen themed Christmas tree was as visually delightful as it was creatively inspiring. She has graciously agreed to share her story here, along with her photographs and crafting hints for creating your own Austen inspired trimmings. I will allow her to continue in her own words.

treewithterri (1)For many years I have enjoyed the writings of the incredible Jane Austen. Several years ago I was lucky enough to travel around England and visit some of the places of her life. I was delighted and inspired by the displays at the Jane Austen Center and the Chawton Cottage house, and profoundly moved standing next to her writing desk and her resting place in Winchester Cathedral. Her writings speak to me of humanity. Her novels so aptly named! Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion! Her books are always nearby. Continue reading Make Jane Austen Christmas Decorations with Terri Heinz

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Masked Ball Preparation

Masked BallJane Austen Festival Masked Ball Here’s a short film showing the dance preparations for the Jane Austen Festival Masked Ball 2015. The Ball was held in the Pump Room and Roman Baths. See the film HERE The first Jane Austen Festival in Bath was held in September 2001 over the course of a weekend with events taking place at the Jane Austen Centre in Gay Street. The first Promenade set out from the Jane Austen Centre in 2004 and had 30 people including most of the staff taking part. In 2009 the promenade had over 450, all in costume with drummers, dancers, military and naval men. All ages, male and female had the most wonderful time in fantastic weather. Outstanding memories of previous festivals for us are the Film Premiere in Bath of the ‘Bollywood’ film Bride & Prejudice, the wonderful readings given by Ben Whitrow (the best ever Mr Bennet) partnered by Amanda Root (Anne Elliot) and then Joanna David (Mrs Gardiner). Followed by Adrian Lukis (Mr Wickham) and Caroline Langrishe (Lovejoy) celebrating the bicentenary of Pride & Prejudice with wonderful theatrical readings in the Assembly Rooms, the Holburne Museum and the Old Theatre Royal. Superb food cooked and presented by Fiona Ravenscroft (A South West Cook of the Year) and eaten by us! 2008′s fantastic theatrical production by the Dorset Corset Theatre Company of Northanger Abbey. Plus of course the History Wardrobe with their ‘Undressing Mr Darcy’ always a hit!   (more…)
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Jane Austen Festival 2015 – success

Jane Austen Festival 2015 Masked Ball

The Jane Austen Festival 2015

Wow, what a great Festival we’ve had this year. 10 days and over 60 events plus record attendance. I think everyone agrees it was the best ever.

jane austen promenade
Stopping the traffic on the Promenade

Continue reading Jane Austen Festival 2015 – success

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Film Trailer Launches

Today marks the release of the official Pride and Prejudice movie trailer from Lionsgate Films, and we have to say it’s looking like a high-quality production!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a re imagining of Jane Austen’s classic novel written by Seth Grahame-Smith. It’s the same story you know and love, with the added scare factor of hundreds of regency zombies and a fair bit of amended dialogue.

Jane Austen fans are divided on the franchise, but one thing’s for certain – the release of the movie will bring Jane Austen back into the world spotlight. That’s great news for the millennial generation, many of whom haven’t read a Jane Austen book or seen an adaptation. Continue reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Film Trailer Launches