He’s in the news again

Martin Salter

Martin Salter our Meeter/Greeter gets on the TV again with presenter Amanda Vickery. Take a look.

Martin on the television

Martin Salter

We knew it would happen. Our Meeter/Greeter Martin Salter has been recognised as England’s most photographed man.

The Festival starts with a splash!

Wow, what a start. Despite a bit of rain the promenaders turned out in their finery to celebrate the start of the Jane Austen Festival. Click here to go to the full story from the Bath Chronicle. (more…)

England’s Most Photographed Man

Martin Salter

Well he’s finally been recognised for what he undoubtedly is, ‘England’s Most Photographed Man’. How great that Martin Salter the cheery Meeter/Greeter at the Centre is rightly lauded for his work. Anyone else wouldn’t get anything like the attention that Martin generates by his unique personality. We are rightly proud of his achievement. Read the… Read more about England’s Most Photographed Man

Guinness World Record

It’s official! The world record for the  largest gathering of people dressed in Regency costumes was achieved by 409 participants, for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, UK, on 19 September 2009 The previous world record stood at 200 people and on a beautiful sunny day in September last year, 409 of us got together in… Read more about Guinness World Record