Jane Austen’s Bracelet

Create your own bracelet like the one on display at Chawton Cottage

Oxford asks: Which Jane?

which jane?

by Elizabeth Jane Timms As part of the 200th anniversary events to commemorate Jane Austen’s death, the Bodleian Libraries launched its major summer 2017 exhibition in June, asking the intriguing question to its visitors – “Which Jane”? The exhibition seeks to challenge previously held views of Jane, arguing that she was perhaps, driven by ambition,… Read more about Oxford asks: Which Jane?

Meeting Young Jane Austen

“It’s exciting to be contributing to the Jane Austen 200 celebrations, with performances of Young Jane and Meeting Miss Austen, my adaptations inspired by Austen’s Juvenilia.” – Cecily O’Neill The exuberance and absurdity of the short novels, plays and letters known as the Juvenilia immediately captured my interest. Many of the characters, situations and issues… Read more about Meeting Young Jane Austen

On Each Return of the Night: A Prayer by Jane Aust

One of several prayers written by Jane for Family Devotions

A Second Prayer By Jane Austen

Another Evening Prayer penned by Jane

Another Day Now Gone: Jane Austen’s Third Prayer

A measure of thanks for the safety of the Day

A Poem to Francis Austen on the Birth of his Son

Jane Austen’s Comic Congratulations


Comical letters written by Jane Austen to her niece