James Lind: Medical Pioneer

a Scottish physician known for conducting the first ever clinical trial

Giovanni Battista Belzoni

November 1778 – 3 December 1823), sometimes known as The Great Belzoni, was a prolific Italian explorer and pioneer archaeologist of Egyptian antiquities. Belzoni was born in Padua. His father was a barber who sired fourteen children. His family was from Rome and when Belzoni was 16 he went to work there, claiming that he… Read more about Giovanni Battista Belzoni

Arthur Phillip: Founder of Sydney, Resident of Bath

Captain Arthur Phillip was the founder of Sydney Australia.

Pierre Dupont de l’Étang: Regency Duellist

An inspiration for both Joseph Conrad and Ridley Scott.

William Bligh: Captain of Bountiful Mutineers

The long and trying times of one of the Regency’s most mutinied captains

Philip Astley: Father of the modern circus

Jane Austen mention’s Astley’s Amphitheatre in both her letters and in Emma…

Eugène François Vidocq: Misérables Inspiration

Victor Hugo’s inspiration for both Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert in his immortal classic, Les Misérables.

Horatio Nelson

Britain’s most glorious Admiral