The Jane Austen Topaz Cross

Jane Austen Topaz Cross

Share this: In response to huge demand, the Jane Austen Gift Shop is delighted to announce this beautiful replica of Jane Austen’s topaz cross pendant. Many months in the making, it is on sale now! Along with her turquoise ring, the topaz cross must be the most iconic jewellery item associated with Jane, and it’s… Read more about The Jane Austen Topaz Cross

The Journal of Eveline Helm, Part Five – At the Assembly Rooms, at last!

Share this: Dear Reader, I hope that this journal of my time in Bath should prove to be helpful to you. In reading it may you be spared the numerous faux pas and embarrassments that I was not. I truly feel that if this work should prevent even one other young lady from public ridicule… Read more about The Journal of Eveline Helm, Part Five – At the Assembly Rooms, at last!

Regency Caps: Draped and Ruffled

Share this: “I have made myself two or three caps to wear in the evenings since I came home, and they save me a world of torment as to hair-dressing!” Jane Austen, 1798 Ladies’ Regency Caps, by Laura Boyle Caps have been worn by men and women from before time was recorded. By the Regency,… Read more about Regency Caps: Draped and Ruffled

A Ballgown for April, 1812

Fashion plates were one way of keeping Au Courant with the latest styles


Share this: The exquisite creamy complexion of the Regency maid, though a far cry from the powdered beauties of the previous century, required much care, if one wished to avoid a sunburn or freckles. One need only recall the Bingley sisters’ disdain at Elizabeth Bennet’s “brown” complexion, gained from her summer travels to acknowledge that… Read more about Parasols

Regency Petticoats

Learn about proper Regency underpinnings, including petticoats, stays and shifts…

Tambour Work

… another way to embellish the white-on-white gowns popular during the Regency

A Little Sea Bathing Would Set me up Forever!

The Sea air and Sea Bathing together were nearly infallible, one or the other of them being a match for every Disorder…