To Preserve Lime-Juice

an 1806 recipe from Eliza Rundell

Mead: Home Brewed Honey-Wine

a favorite drink of Jane Austen, with a recipe from her friend, Martha Lloyd.

Coffee-Milk: The Regency Café au lait

“A very fine breakfast”

Arthur Parker’s Fortifying Cocoa

“Then I will help myself,” said he. “A large dish of rather weak cocoa every evening agrees with me better than anything.” It struck her, however, as he poured out this rather weak cocoa, that it came forth in a very fine, dark-colored stream…” -Sanditon Cocoa, or Chocolate, as it was often referred to (chocolate… Read more about Arthur Parker’s Fortifying Cocoa

Spruce Beer

A tasty home brew

Steep a Perfect Cup of Tea

Step by step instructions

Small Beer

How to make Olde England’s favorite softdrink, Ginger Beer.


The quintessential Christmas Drink