Mrs. Weston’s Wedding Cake

Create a Regency style wedding cake with this recipe from 1794.

Banbury cakes

Make delicious “cakes” from this 1615 recipe…

Apricot Ice Cream

One can never tire of “Ices”…

Blanc-Manger: A dainty dish, fit for Kings

First made from meat, it transformed from a savory dish to the sweet pudding it is now

Mrs. Bates’ Baked Apples

a favorite of Emma’s Jane Fairfax, though the Bates’ had to send their apples out to be baked…

Shrewsbury Cakes

a classic light sugar cookie made famous in the 1700’s

Visions of Sugar Plums

The Georgian “Sugar Plum” was far different from modern imagination

A Recipe for Lemon Cream

lemon cream

a delightful and fresh tasting dessert