Parbake & Prose: Making Mr Bingley’s soup

Parbake & Prose is a project created by sibling bibliophile and chef team, Daniella Rossi and Eric Upper. The concept is pretty simple: Parbake & Prose takes a look at great works of literature, from Greek epic poems to modern classics, and creates recipes based on the dishes in them. Daniella lives in London and… Read more about Parbake & Prose: Making Mr Bingley’s soup

Chateaubriand Steak

Named for the famed Vicomte d’Chateaubriand

Yorkshire Christmas Pie: The Georgian “Turducken”

…Three French Hens, Two Turtledoves and a Partridge?

Pike with Pudding in the Belly

…from Elizabeth Moxon’s 1764 cookbook

Neat’s Tongue

A period recipe for Neats-Tongue (Beef) , from “A new System of Domestic Cookery”

Hannah Glasse’s Jugged Hare

Hannah Glasse’s recipe for Jugged Hare is offered here…

To Make Brown Onion Soup

A warming meal for an autumn day

Mr. Darcy’s Favourite Beef-Steak Dinner

A delicious steak dinner in 10 minutes or less!