Parbake & Prose: Making Mr Bingley’s soup

Share this: Parbake & Prose is a project created by sibling bibliophile and chef team, Daniella Rossi and Eric Upper. The concept is pretty simple: Parbake & Prose takes a look at great works of literature, from Greek epic poems to modern classics, and creates recipes based on the dishes in them. Daniella lives in… Read more about Parbake & Prose: Making Mr Bingley’s soup

Chateaubriand Steak

Named for the famed Vicomte d’Chateaubriand

Yorkshire Christmas Pie: The Georgian “Turducken”

…Three French Hens, Two Turtledoves and a Partridge?

Pike with Pudding in the Belly

…from Elizabeth Moxon’s 1764 cookbook

Neat’s Tongue

A period recipe for Neats-Tongue (Beef) , from “A new System of Domestic Cookery”

Hannah Glasse’s Jugged Hare

Hannah Glasse’s recipe for Jugged Hare is offered here…

To Make Brown Onion Soup

A warming meal for an autumn day

Mr. Darcy’s Favourite Beef-Steak Dinner

A delicious steak dinner in 10 minutes or less!