The Perfect Jane Austen Teacup Cupcakes!

Our new re-usable Jane Austen Teacup Cupcake Cases have proved a huge hit, and a number of you have asked us if we had any cup cake recipes that would be perfect for use with the little cups… … and indeed we do!   Ingredients: 50g caster sugar 50g butter/margarine  50g self-raising flour 1 egg… Read more about The Perfect Jane Austen Teacup Cupcakes!

Hot Cross Buns

The Regency tradition of Hot Cross Buns eaten on Good Friday stems from Medieval times.

Serle’s Soft Boiled Eggs

Emma’s Serle knows the best way to boil an egg, but the tasty breakfast treat is as popular today as it was 200 years ago.

Steventon Roast Potatoes Recipe

roast potatoes recipe

Potatoes were grown at Steventon as early as 1773. In this, Mrs. Austen was decades ahead of her time, and the wonder of her neighbours who supposed them to be a dish fit only for gentry. Puddings had served as the main source of starch in English diets, but a wheat shortage in 1794 led… Read more about Steventon Roast Potatoes Recipe

The 17th Century Origins of the Candy Cane

With origins in 17th C. Germany, it’s possible that the tradition had carried over to England by Austen’s era.

Preserved Ginger

When Jane Austen wrote to her sister Cassandra of the holiday visits they enjoyed (endured?) in 1808, she included a delightful word picture of one of their guests. As the letter is dated Tuesday, December 27, we can assume that Christmas was the previous Sunday and the visit occurred on December 22. It gives a… Read more about Preserved Ginger

Sally Lunn Buns or Solilemmes

One of the most traditional of Bath foods

A Tansey for Lent

first made from the Tansey plant, but later signifying any cake made in a similar manner…