Jane Austen Dressing up

Jane Austen Dressing Up

Jane Austen dressing up – it’s fun.

As part of the Jane Austen Centre Exhibition, we invite you to try on and pose for photos in the clothes of the era. We have a selection of Regency dresses, coats, bonnets, top hats, shawls, fans, reticules and parasols for you to try on and pose with, and encourage you to take your own photos to document your experience. As you would imagine, the dress-up portion of the visit is one of our most popular attractions, and has quickly become one of our most beloved installations at The Centre.

When you visit, you must try it yourself!

Help with dressing-up and your photos

Our friendly staff are always on hand to offer tips and advice on how to wear the various bonnets and accessories. They will also offer to take your photo on your own camera if you wish. The staff will also suggest good places to stand to get that authentic shot.

This is proving an extremely popular part of the exhibition and we intend to increase the quantity of items to try on to include various dresses and spencer jackets.

There are often hoots of delight as our visitors have fun posing in front of the full length mirror or in front of one of our Regency displays

What Jane Austen said in a letter to her sister Cassandra whilst she was holidaying in Bath in 1799

Flowers are very much worn, and fruit is still more the thing. Elizabeth has a bunch of strawberries, and I have seen grapes, cherries, plums, and apricots. There are likewise almonds and raisins, French plums, and tamarinds at the grocers’, but I have never seen any of them in hats… Elizabeth has given me a hat, and it is not only a pretty hat, but a pretty style of hat too. It is something like Eliza’s, only, instead of being all straw, half of it is narrow purple ribbon. I flatter myself, however, that you can understand very little of it from this description. Heaven forbid that I should ever offer such encouragement to explanations as to give a clear one on any occasion myself! But I must write no more of this. . .

Jane Austen to Cassandra
Queen’s Square, Bath
June 2, 1799

How to trim your Regency Bonnet  Advice from our online magazine.

A Youtube video on how to make a Regency poke bonnet