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Fresh Strawberry Tarte

It was now the middle of June…Strawberries, and only strawberries, could now be thought or spoken of. ~ The best fruit in England ~ every body’s favourite ~ ~ always wholesome. ~ These the finest beds and finest sorts. ~ ~ Delightful to gather for one’s self ~ ~ the only way of really enjoying them. ~ Morning decidedly the best time ~ never tired ~ every sort good ~ ~ Hautboy infinitely superior ~ no comparison ~ the others hardly eatable ~ hautboys very scarce ~ ~ Chili preferred ~ White Wood finest flavour of all ~ price of strawberries in London ~ abundance about Bristol ~ ~ Maple Grove ~ cultivation ~ ~ beds when to be renewed ~ gardeners thinking exactly different ~ ~ no general rule ~ gardeners never to be put out of their way ~ ~ delicious fruit ~ only too rich to be eaten much of ~ inferior to cherries ~ currants more refreshing ~ ~ only objection to gathering strawberries the stooping ~ ~ glaring sun ~ tired to death ~ could bear it no longer ~ ~ must go and sit in the shade. ~ Emma The Strawberrying party at Donwell and the events surrounding it are surely some of the most comic scenes in all of Emma. Jane Austen must have spent time gathering her own berries in order to write such a precise account of what it is actually like to “gather for one’s self.” Once you have spent

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