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How to Waltz

Few sights are as romantic as that of a couple, absorbed in each other, sweeping across the floor in a dreamy waltz. It is certainly the highlight of many a fairy tale and even Jane Austen allows her couples ample time on the dance floor. While the English Country Dance is most associated with Jane Austen’s novels, many will be surprised to discover that by the early 1800’s the waltz had also made it’s way across the channel and was being danced by the more progressive of the Beau Monde. By 1814, the waltz, originally considered decadent, was finally sanctioned as appropriate behaviour at the ultra fashionable Almacks, though the patronesses there still kept a firm hand on who was allowed permission to dance “the godless…Spinner”. No debutante could waltz unless one of the patronesses had given her permission, something that was only granted to girls “whose deportment was considered impeccable.”* The following easy to follow tips and instructional video are provided by Wikihow.       Find a song that is a slow 3/4 song because anything faster would be a different type of waltz, with different set of guidelines. Though you can keep the basic waltz steps and apply it across different genres. Learn the basic handhold (“frame”). The right hand of the man will be on the woman’s shoulder blade, rarely the waist or under her armpit. The lady’s left hand is on the partner’s shoulder or upper arm. Girls, mirror what your partner does. But that’s

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