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Jane Austen News – Issue 15

What’s the Jane Austen News this week? Results From Elle Magazine’s Super Fan Survey      Elle magazine recently conducted a “super fan survey” in which they asked people who who considered themselves to be massive Pride and Prejudice fans questions on everything from where they were when they first read the book, to which Mr Darcy scene on screen has been the hottest. Few will be surprised to learn that the winning scene was Colin Firth emerging from the lake (54% of the votes), although a surprise entry on the list was Colin Firth emerging from the lake in Love Actually… (2%) Other results were that: 18% thought that Colin Firth has played Mr Darcy too much! In times of trouble some fans ask “Am I being Jane enough?” 55% of fans have read Pride and Prejudice 3 times or less while 24% have read it between 5 and 20 times, and 0.02% (we assume one fan) has read the book 35 times! Can anyone beat 35 times? The Owners of That First Edition of Persuasion Found    A short time ago the Jane Austen News reported on a first edition of Persuasion that had been found in a garage in the U.S. and then sent to Ayer Shirley Regional High School – as the inscription on the flyleaf said that the book’s first owner was Lillian M. Flood, who had received it as a prize speaking award at Ayer High School in 1900. Ayer Shirley Regional High School English Dept. head, Eleanor

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