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Jane Austen News – Issue 19

What’s the Jane Austen News this week? Exploring Jane Austen’s Juvenilia  Professor Katherine Sutherland, a Professorial Fellow in English at St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, is currently directing an AHRC research project called Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts: A Digital Edition and Print Edition, which, in the future, is due to be published by Oxford University Press. It isn’t out yet, but what has just been published online is her exploration of how Jane Austen’s education and upbringing shaped her childhood writing, and Sutherland considers the relationship between these early works and her adult novels. This is an extract from her article: Jane Austen’s earliest writings appear to have little in common with the restrained and realistic society portrayed in her adult novels. By contrast, they are exuberantly expressionistic tales of sexual misdemeanour, of female drunkenness and violence. They are characterised by exaggerated sentiment and absurd adventures. Running through them is a pronounced thread of comment on and wilful misreading of the literature of her day, showing how thoroughly and how early the activity of critical reading informed her character as a writer. Having read her clear, concise and informative article on the British Library website, we at the Jane Austen News are very much looking forward to the publication of Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts: A Digital Edition and Print Edition.   Whit Stillman Explains Why Lady Susan Became Love & Friendship        In an interview with Little White Lies online magazine, Whit Stillman, the director behind the new film adaptation of Jane Austen’s early epistolary

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