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Jane Austen News – Issue 20

What’s the Jane Austen News this week? Jane Austen Manuscripts – Free and Online  An Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project to digitise the original handwritten manuscripts of Jane Austen’s fiction has finally been completed. Jane’s manuscripts have been scattered across libraries and public collections around the UK and New York, but now they have been scanned and uploaded online, allowing them to be seen as a unified complete collection for the first time in more than 160 years. It also means that the manuscripts can now be viewed free of charge by anybody! Jane Austen News really likes this development. The manuscripts include not only Austen’s novels, but also in the collection are the short stories and things that she wrote from the age of 12 up until her death at the age of 41. The manuscripts can be accessed here, and allow fans to see her words written in her own hand, alongside her own notes and smudges. “The online edition is a way of stitching together Jane Austen’s legacy and restoring what she intended, which was a collection of the manuscripts she regarded as precious.” Project lead Professor Kathryn Sutherland of the University of Oxford. Jane Austen’s £10 – Here to Stay Thanks to Design        In September this year the new UK £5 will go into general circulation. On it will be Sir Winston Churchill, who will be replacing Elizabeth Fry as the important British figure featured. Next year the new £10 note will

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