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Jane Austen News – Issue 21

What’s the Jane Austen News this week? Jane Austen’s Games   Card games are by no means a new invention. Yes there are new ones invented all the time, and games that were popular in the past can lose favour and get forgotten, but the basic concept is everlasting. Jane was a big fan of card games (though admittedly not all), so we were pleased to come across a new article this week which listed a few Regency favourites which she would have imagined her characters playing, as well as playing herself. Whist – In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins’ lack of skill at whist (among other things) reveals him to be a rather dim sort of fellow. Piquet – Mrs. Goddard, the school mistress from Emma, is very fond of piquet. Casino – Miss de Bourgh, plays casino, while Lady Catherine prefers the more old-fashioned quadrille. Cribbage – Played by Lady Bertram in Mansfield Park. Lanterloo – On Elizabeth’s first visit to Netherfield Park, she declines an offer to play lanterloo with the others, as she suspected them to be “playing high.” An interesting collection indeed. Some of which we still play today. The article with details on the different games’ rules can be found here. Lady Susan In Review “The book was better than the movie” is a common refrain among book lovers. We like film adaptations, but more often than not, especially if you read the book before you saw the film, nothing can quite live up to the original words on

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