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Jane Austen News – Issue 39

What’s the Jane Austen News this week?  A Story of Friendship and Letters Our centre guide, Lizzy Bennet, recently had three delightful ladies in one of her tour groups and they shared a wonderful story with her about their friendship, and it was such a beautiful example of friendship that we just had to share it. The ladies, two American ladies and one British lady, told Lizzy that they are all part of an embroidery group who became pen pals over 20 years ago. They have kept up their friendship, mostly through letter writing, ever since. In their letters they would write about their families, their passions, about embroidery and, of course, about Jane Austen. They’re using the time they’re now spending together in the UK also hand-stitching a doll and a patchwork quilt to go with it; a project from the crafts book Good Day Miss Austen. We’re hoping that once they’ve finished their project they’ll send us some pictures, but we also wanted to share with you their experience of keeping up connections through letter writing – it was a story we felt was very much in the spirit of Jane Austen. An Update On The Updated £10     Due in Summer 2017 (lips are remaining firmly shut when it comes to details on the exact release date) the new £10 will be made of a polymer rather than paper, and will have Jane’s lovely face on it. But here are some other things which will be

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