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What Did You Say?

Can you correctly fill in the blanks in these quotations?

Money and Wealth in Austen’s Novels
Financial status meant a great deal to Jane’s characters, but can you correctly answer these wealth related questions that come from the novels of Jane?

Name the Christian Name

This special guest quiz concerns ten Austen characters who are normally known by their surnames only. Can you remember their Christian names?

Literature Within Literature 

We all love books. Especially those written by Jane, and a lot of Jane’s own characters are no exception to this love of literature. But can you remember who was reading what?

To Be Crossed In Love 

Can you correctly answer these questions all about love, and the many obstacles that stand it it’s way within Austen’s novels?

Know Your Heroes 

Ten questions all about Miss Austen’s great heroes. You’ll need to know about more than just Mr Darcy for this one!

Anyone for Ten “S” Questions?

This week it’s a real mixed bag of S-themed questions. Characters, games, and servants; expect it all!

Pride and Prejudice Special

Ten questions about the wonderful book that is arguably the most well-loved of Jane Austen’s novels. How well do you know your Pride and Prejudice?

Character Descriptions  

Can you identify the ten major characters from Jane Austen’s novels after reading their descriptions?

Ladies, Lords and Landed Gentry

Titles and rank were hugely important in Georgian society. Do you know your lords from your louts?

Match the Character to the Novel 

Emma comes from the novel Emma, and Mr Darcy comes from Pride and Prejudice, but do you know the novels these more minor characters come from?

How Well Do You Know Mr Darcy? 

Do you know Mr Darcy better than anyone else? Better than he knows himself? It’s time to find out.

Sense and Sensibility Special

Ten questions about the first novel that Jane ever had published. Time to test your Sense and Sensibility knowledge!

Town, Villages and Counties 

Jane travelled widely throughout her lifetime and used many different locations in her novels. Can you remember who lived where and the places Jane’s characters visited?

Food Glorious Food

From taking tea together to attending grand dinners – food is a fantastic excuse for socialising; and Jane’s novels are full of wonderful dinners and discussions over breakfast. But how well do you remember them?

An Emma Special 

When she wrote Emma, Jane said that she was going to create a heroine that no one but she would like. But we do like her. How well do you remember Emma and her exploits?

A Persuasion Special 

The last novel Jane Austen ever completed, Persuasion is one of Jane’s most romantic stories. How well do you remember this beautiful novel?

All About the Great Author Herself

You’ve seen the films, you’ve read the books, but how much do you know about the wonderful woman behind those famous words?

A Northanger Abbey Special

Jane’s satirical masterpiece gets the spotlight this week.  How much can you remember about Catherine Morland and her time in Bath?

Austen On Screen 

Even if you haven’t read the books, you’ve probably seen a few of the films or TV series. Can you answer our ten questions all about Jane Austen on screen?

Before, During, or After? 

The quiz this time is one for the history buffs. Do you know which of these happened before, after, and during Jane Austen’s lifetime (1775-1817)? It’s time to find out!

Austen Quotations 

For this quiz we’ve gathered together some wonderful Jane Austen quotes, from her books and from her letters, but we’ve removed some of the words. Can you correctly fill in the blanks?

A Mansfield Park Special 

Mansfield Park is one novel of Jane’s that is sadly sometimes forgotten. Do you remember what happened to Fanny Price and the Bertrams?

If This Is The Answer….

A bit of a different quiz this week. In a similar style to the round on the BBC panel show Mock The Week, we’re going to tell you what the answer is and we need you to tell us what the right question is. Good luck and happy quizzing!

Austen on Age

How old someone was was very important in Austen’s time, especially in relation to marriage! In her novels Jane talks a fair bit about her character’s ages. Time to see if you remember who did what at what age…

A Mixed Bag 

There’s something for everyone in this week’s quiz. Ten easy, tricky, and tough questions on the wonderful works of Jane. So good luck and happy quizzing!

Spotlight on Lady Susan 

Have you read Lady Susan? Or watched the recent film Love & Friendship, which was based on Lady Susan?
If so this quiz is for you. If not, perhaps you might still know more than you think…

A Little Light Regency Music 

Jane Austen loved music, both playing it and listening to it. Hardly surprising then that music features so heavily in her novels. But do you recall the answers to the following musical questions?

A Second Mixed Bag 

It doesn’t matter which of Jane’s novels you’ve read, this week’s quiz has something for everyone. We wish you good luck and happy quizzing!

How Well Do You Know Jane? 

Ten questions all about Jane’s hobbies, houses, family and her writing. Some are tricky, some are more than a little tricky… Good Luck!

Owners and Occupiers 

Can you remember which of Jane’s characters lived where? We give you the location, all you have to do is tell us who it was who rented it or resided there.

Jane’s Other Works… 

Jane Austen didn’t just write six novels; she also wrote other works including short stories in her youth and two unfinished novels. How much do you know about them? You might be surprised.