All About Jane Austen

All About Jane Austen

Articles about Jane Austen, her life and her sadly premature death.

  • Jane Austen and the Waterloo Map Jane Austen and the Waterloo MapJane Austen and the Waterloo Map

    Jane and the Waterloo Map is the thirteenth mystery in the Jane Austen series by Denver author Stephanie Barron, and this is a pretty cool review of what you can expect from it in case you haven’t read any of her other books. Think Jane Austen crossed with Sherlock Homes …

  • Did You Know? Did You Know?Did You Know?

    Helen Amy, the author of The Jane Austen Files, has written an article for BBC History Extra magazine with 8 lesser-known Jane Austen facts.
    Did you know that there’s no mention on Jane’s gravestone that she was an author? Or that Jane’s cousin is said to have saved her life when she was a child?
    The full …

  • “Praying with Jane” – a Review by Laura Boyle
    In Praying with Jane, Rachel Dodge has managed to present Jane Austen’s life “in a style entirely new”, taking a closer look at the heart behind the one of the most beloved authors of all time. Much of what is known of Jane’s life comes in the form of her (censored) letters and the reminiscences …
  • A Library Talk About Jane Austen A Library Talk About Jane Austenby Margaret Mills
    As a part-time adult education lecturer in English literature and history, I am never happier than when I am asked to deliver a course or a talk about Jane Austen’s life and work.
    In October 2017 I was asked to give a talk at our local public library, and I was delighted to hear …
  • Jane Austen and the Oliphant in the Room Jane Austen and the Oliphant in the Roomby Alice Chandler, author of Aunt Jane and the Missing Cherry Pie

    I do apologize for the pun in my title.
    The Olifant I refer to is Margaret Olifant (1828-1894), a prolific and popular nineteenth-century writer and said to be Queen Victoria’s favorite novelist. The reason that I figuratively place Olifant in the same room as Jane …

  • Jane Austen’s Bracelet Jane Austen's BraceletCreate your own bracelet like the one on display at Chawton Cottage
  • Oxford asks: Which Jane? Oxford asks: Which Jane?by Elizabeth Jane Timms

    As part of the 200th anniversary events to commemorate Jane Austen’s death, the Bodleian Libraries launched its major summer 2017 exhibition in June, asking the intriguing question to its visitors – “Which Jane”? The exhibition seeks to challenge previously held views of Jane, arguing that she was perhaps, driven by ambition, as …

  • Is Jane Austen a Great Writer? Is Jane Austen a Great Writer?Is Jane Austen a Great Writer? – By Linore Rose Burkard

    Quora is growing in popularity. What is Quora? A forum where anyone can ask a question to the world (the world as registered on the site, that is) and expect an answer. The good thing about Quora is that you can ask any question you …

  • Jane and Cassandra: Extraordinary Sisters Jane and Cassandra: Extraordinary Sistersby Caroline Kerr Taylor
    Jane Austen was born in December 1775, the seventh child of Rev. and Mrs. Austen. Mrs. Austen nursed each of her babies for the first few months before they were taken to a neighboring family (the Littleworths). Each child was looked after by this family for the first couple of years until …
  • Jane Austen’s Life and Impact on Society Jane Austen’s Life and Impact on Societyby Gracelyn Anderson

    Jane Austen entered the world fashionably late by one month on December 16, 1775, as one of the seven Austen children. The Austens resided in a parsonage in Steventon, England, and started a small school for boys in their home to provide extra income along with working their usual occupations. Although Jane’s family …

  • Jane Austen and Illness Jane Austen and Illnessby Margaret Mills
    What reading material do you turn to if you are unwell?   The novelist Mrs Elizabeth Gaskell wrote a letter early in 1865 to John Ruskin, about one of her own books, in which she said: “whenever I am ailing or ill, I take Cranford and – I was going to say enjoy it …
  • The effects of the family’s misfortunes on Jane Austen’s death The effects of the family’s misfortunes on Jane Austen's deathBy Caroline Kerr Taylor

    2017 marks the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death. She is one of the world’s most popular literary giants. It was a tragic loss that she died at 41, just as her star was gaining traction in the literary firmaments.
    We will never know for sure the exact cause of her death. The …

  • The new Jane Austen Portrait by Melissa Dring The new Jane Austen Portrait by Melissa DringIn 2001, Melissa Dring was commissioned by David Baldock, the Director of the Jane Austen Centre, Bath, to produce a new Jane Austen portrait using forensic methods, as she might have appeared during her time in Bath, 1801-06.
  • Jane gets a makeover… The Jane Austen Pop Art range Jane gets a makeover... The Jane Austen Pop Art rangeThis new twist on the earlier image is a reinvention, a celebration, and also a reminder that Jane is a true icon, whose qualities commend her as freshly to each new generation as to the one before.
  • Jane Austen’s China and the Steventon Archaeological Dig Jane Austen's China and the Steventon Archaeological DigThe true evens that inspired Jane Odiwe’s ‘Project Darcy’
  • Jane Austen’s Final Days in Winchester Jane Austen’s Final Days in WinchesterFirst hand accounts of Jane Austen’s final illness.
  • A New Jane Austen Portrait by Melissa Dring A New Jane Austen Portrait by Melissa DringHere’s a new Jane Austen portrait so many years after her death. So what did the author really look like?
    Forensic artist Melissa Dring takes up a commission by David Baldock to use contemporary eye-witness accounts of Miss Austen’s features and character to produce a portrait for the Jane Austen Centre.
  • The Rice Portrait The Rice PortraitIn the gallery there were many family portraits, but they could have little to fix the attention of a stranger. Elizabeth walked on in quest of the only face whose features would be known to her.
    -Pride and Prejudice
    For years there has been (some say, unnecessary) controversy over a charming portrait of an unnamed girl in …
  • Biographical Notice of the Author Henry Austen’s touching tribute to his Sister
  • Jane Austen’s Prayers Jane Austen's PrayersHow did Jane Austen come to write her soul stirring prayers?
  • Art Imitating Life Art Imitating LifeDid Jane Austen’s personal life impact her novels?
    By Arti of Ripple Effects
  • The Faces of Jane The Faces of JaneA comparison of two Jane Austen biographies
  • Jane Austen’s Last Will and Testament Jane Austen's Last Will and Testament  Jane Austen’s final wishes and dispersement of assets
  • A Neighbourhood of Voluntary Spies A Neighbourhood of Voluntary SpiesThe secrets revealed in Jane Austen’s handwriting
  • A Jane Austen Event Calendar A Jane Austen Event CalendarWhy do Jane Austen’s unpleasant events always happen on Tuesday?
  • Jane Austen Music and the “Truly Accomplished” Woman Jane Austen Music and the "Truly Accomplished" WomanMust one play to be comsidered “accomplished”?