Fashionable Furnishings

  • Simplifying Regency Style an excerpt from Period Design and Furnishing
  • Furnishing Fashionably: Ackermann’s Repository, 1816 What was Ackermann’s Repository?
    Ackermann’s Repository of Arts was an illustrated, British periodical published from 1809-1829 by Rudolph Ackermann. Although commonly called Ackermann’s Repository, or, simply Ackermann’s, the formal title of the journal was Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions, and politics, and it did, indeed cover all of these fields.  In its day, it …
  • Egyptian Revival architecture Egyptian Revival is an architectural style that uses the motifs and imagery of ancient Egypt. It is attributed generally to the public awareness of ancient Egyptian monuments generated by Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt and Admiral Nelson’s defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of the Nile in 1798. Napoleon took a scientific expedition with him to …
  • Rural Residences: Designs for Cottages, Small Villas and Other Buildings from the pages of Ackerman’s Repository of the Arts and Literature, 1816
  • Carlton House Table & Chair The description of this table and chair immediately bring to mind Austen’s own dealings with the Prince of Wales and her Dedication of Emma. Sycophancy was the word of the day.
  • Fashionable Furniture: The Library Table Perhaps Jane wrote parts of her upcoming novel, Emma (1815) at a desk like this one…
  • The Lady’s Drawing Table  
    Elinor sat down to her lady’s drawing table as soon as he was out of the house, busily employed herself the whole day, neither sought nor avoided the mention of his name, appeared to interest herself almost as much as ever in the general concerns of the family; and if, by this conduct, she did …
  • Library Window Curtains Fashionable Furniture from Ackermann’s Repository
  • Amateur Furniture Design A popular Young Lady’s Pastime
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