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Opinions of Jane Austen’s Emma

Jane Austen's EmmaOpinions of Jane Austen’s Emma As she had done with Mansfield Park the previous year, when Jane Austen’s Emma was released in 1815, Jane Austen, like any proud artist collected opinions on her work from friends and family. These candid reflections give us a wonderful insight into how Jane Austen’s Emma was received in its day. Captn. Austen. [1]–liked it extremely, observing that though there might be more Wit in P & P–& an higher Morality in MP–yet altogether, on account of it’s peculiar air of Nature throughout, he preferred it to either. Mrs F. A. [2]–liked & admired it very much indeed, but must still prefer P & P. Mrs J. Bridges–preferred it to all the others. Miss Sharp–better than M P.–but not so well as P. & P.–pleased with the Heroine for her Originality, delighted with Mr K–& called MrsElton beyond praise.– dissatisfied with Jane Fairfax. Cassandra–better than P. & P.–but not so well as M. P.– Fanny K. [3]–not so well as either P. & P. or M P.–could not bear Emma herself.–Mr Knightley delightful.– Should like J. F.–if she knew more of her.– Mr & Mrs J. A. [4]– did not like it so well as either of the 3 others. Language different from the others; not so easily read.– Edward [5]–preferred it to M P.–only. –Mr K. liked by every body. Miss Bigg–not equal to either P & P. or M P.–objected to the sameness of the subject (Match-making) all through.–Too much of Mr Elton

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