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  • Obstinate Headstrong Girl Tote Bag

    Obstinate, Headstrong Girl! Tote Bag

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  • obstinate headstrong girl t-shirt

    Obstinate, Headstrong Girl! T-Shirt

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  • teacup cupcake cases

    Reusable Silicone Jane Austen Teacup Cupcake Cases

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  • Exclusive Jane Austen Pyjamas / Jane Austen Pajamas

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  • Jane Austen Ring

    Romantic Silver Jane Austen Ring – Persuasion Quote – Half Agony, Half Hope

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  • Jane Austen Silver Bangle

    Romantic Oval Jane Austen Silver Bangle – Pride and Prejudice Darcy Quote

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  • Pride and Prejudice Scarf

    Handmade Pride and Prejudice Scarf – soft jersey

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  • Jane Austen Cookie Cutter

    3D Jane Austen Cookie Cutter

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  • demi-stocking

    Elegant Lace-Effect Demi-Stocking – Black or White

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  • jane austen purse

    Exclusive Jane Austen Purse – Pride and Prejudice Peacock Design

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  • opera gloves

    White Opera Gloves – Long, Smooth and Stylish – Brand New Design For 2018!

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  • jane and me

    Jane and Me: My Austen Heritage by Caroline Jane Knight – includes free signed bookplate

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