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Raspberry Vinegar – A Recipe

raspberry vinegar

Raspberry Vinegar

The border under the terrace wall is clearing away to receive currants and gooseberry bushes, and a spot is found very proper for raspberries.
Jane Austen to Cassandra
February 8, 1807

During the summer months cool, flavored drinks are all the rage. Things were no different during the Regency. All manner of syrups were invented, to be added to drinks for a variety of effects. Raspberry and other fruit flavors were popular. Orgeat, another flavoring, was made from almonds and oranges.

Raspberry Vinegar
Put two quarts of large fine Raspberries into one quart of the best Vinegarm let it stand two days near a fire, clarify a pd. of fine Sugar, strain off the juice form the Raspberries, add the clarified Syrop & boil all together till it is fine– When it is cold put into small Bottles & use it as you would Orgeat, mix with Water to your taste. –Mrs. Lefroy
From Martha Lloyd’s Household Book

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