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Rhymes with Rose

The Austen Family was known to be witty and loved the opportunity to engage in word play. Here are the results from various family members when challenged to write a poem that “Rhymed with Rose”. Mrs. Austen This morning I ‘woke from a quiet repose, I first rubb’d my eyes & I next blew my nose. With my Stockings & Shoes I then cover’d my toes And proceeded to put on the rest of my Cloathes. This was finish’d in less than an hour I suppose; I emply’d myself next in repairing my hose ‘Twas a work of necessity, not what I chose; Of my sock I’d much rather have knit twenty Rows.– My work being done, I looked through the windows And with pleasure beheld all the Bucks & the Does, The Cows & the Bullocks, the Wethers & Ewes.– To the Lib’ry each mourn, all the Family goes, So I went with the rest, though I felt rather froze. My flesh is much warmer, my blood freer flows When I work in the garden with rakes & with hoes. And now I beleive I must come to a close, For I find I grow stupid e’en while I compose; If I write any longer my verse will be prose. Miss Cassandra Austen Love, they say is like a Rose; I’m sure tis like the wind that blows, For not a human creature knows How it comes or where it goes. It is the cause of many woes, It

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