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Sense and Sensibility: 1995

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Sense and Sensibility In 1995, Sense and Sensibility became the second Jane Austen adaptation to be written for the silver screen. Until that point all versions since the original Pride and Prejudice (1940) had been produced for television. (Persuasion had been shown in theaters two months earlier, but was originally written for television.) The film was written and starred in by Emma Thompson, who has quite a family connection with Austen films! Her sister, Sophie Thompson, played Mary Musgrove, Persuasion 1995, and Miss Bates, Emma 1996; mother Phyllida Law, played Mrs. Bates, Emma1996; brother-in-law Richard Lumsden, now married to Sophie Thompson, played Robert Ferrars in this S&S and companion Greg Wise starred as John Willoughby.Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood; Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars In The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries(her first book….an appropriate way to commemorate her first film) Emma Thompson gives a very up close and personal look at what went in to making this film, from start to finish. We are shown the difficulties of writing a script (S&S took five years!), casting a film, shooting a film, starring in a costume drama and all the little twists and turns of being so intimately acquainted with Jane Austen. Unlike any other book available on the making of any of Jane Austen’s films, this one gives you the entire picture from the point of view of both a starring actress and screenwriter. Also included is the complete script used in the film, which features a few scenes that were later cut.

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