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This Week at the Jane Austen Gift Shop

Bring Back the Parasol! We’ve given our classic lace sun parasols a new look. Based on authentic Georgian lace patterns, and available in three colours, they’re perfect for promenading – and surprisingly practical in this lovely sunny weather! Unbeatable for sheer elegance and style – be the envy of your friends! Back and better than ever!   Knit Your Own Darcy (or Wickham)! Our great new e-knitting patterns are delivered straight to your in-box, so you can print them off and get knitting straight away! Choose between dashing Mr Darcy or wicked Mr Wickham – it’s the great fun craft project with a lovely gift as the end product! Terrific value, too. Brand New This Week!   Brush Up On Your Regency! Do you know your cannikin from your cambric? What would you do with a rowel? And is it possible to make a sally while setting off on a sally? Now you can find out, in this unique dictionary of 19th Century language, providing definitions and example sentences for 3000 interesting, peculiar and difficult words, along with letter opener facts, panels on the context of the period, and an illustrated section on themes such as transport, crime, fashion and childhood. Great fun, and an indispensible companion for anyone who loves 19th century writing but has always wondered what a fiacre is! Brand New This Week!   £40 Off Our Unique Replica Bracelet! This beautiful replica of Jane’s own beaded bracelet is intricately hand strung with Miyuki Glass Seed Beads, (more…)