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Pride and Prejudice Rehearsals Weeks 1-6

Pride and Prejudice rehearsals

 With four proposals, three Regency dances, two confrontations with Lady Catherine and one kiss with Mr Darcy, rehearsals are well under way.


It has been 6 weeks since our Pride and Prejudice journey began and oh so much has happened!

Including all of this…


Meet the Bennet sisters!

Jane Bennet (Alicia)
Lydia Bennet (Jess)
Kitty Bennet (Rose)
Mary Bennet (Chloe)
(And me!) Lizzie Bennet


And when we’re not in regency dress we like to relax with our other favourite cast member, the Athenaeum’s giant bear, aka Mr Darcy’s understudy…


With less than 7 weeks to go before our first performance, rehearsals have been in full swing. .We started by blocking the play whilst we had use of the stage, focusing on projection, space and entrances and exits. From here we rehearsed in the Function room three times a week, looking at the closer details of each scene. So far I have been particularly focusing on my more ‘main’ scenes including the famous first proposal from Mr Darcy… ‘You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you’. Johnathon (Mr Darcy) and I have been working closely on this scene to achieve the maximum emotion that is portrayed. It has been challenging and at times tiring (as I’m in every scene!), yet we are all thoroughly enjoying this exciting journey!

We have all been very busy trying to learn lines…

We even had a competition to see who could take a picture with their tote bag in the most interesting place. I believe Sir William Lucas won when he captured this in Venice!


And how are the Directors feeling so far…

“We are very happy with the progress made so far. The cast are working very hard to get “off book” and their hard work is beginning to show. Behind the scenes things are coming together nicely. Our producer is getting props organised. We have a soundtrack. We have a little over 6 weeks to go and I am feeling confident about the standard of this production. Tickets sales are coming in as people take advantage of the early bird offer.”


 until next time…

Zoe B

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Lizzie is Back

Back from holiday and looking fit and relaxed

Great News, our iconic front of house mannequin ‘Lizzie’ is back from her Spring break and is looking good!

Having had a few minor mishaps over the years including a couple of falls, we felt she needed a short vacation to bring the colour back to her cheeks.

Well, she is back and looking good. Our visitors really enjoy having their pictures taken with her and she is keeping our meeter/greeter Martin company.

We were amazed by her popularity and whilst she was away, many visitors were quite upset to find she wasn’t to be seen.

It is quite amazing how many shots of Lizzie there are on Google Images. Have a look for yourself.

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‘Lizzie’ is taken away

Lizzie in winter
Lizzie in winter
‘Lizzie’ in the winter outside the Jane Austen Centre

It is a sad day today. This morning at 10.30am a man in a van came and took away our ‘Lizzie’. She has been with us for many years. She never complains or minds the extremes of the weather as she welcomes people to the Jane Austen Centre day in, day out.
The good news is that she will be back with us in about 4 weeks after her little ‘holiday’ and, like all of us, will return refreshed and renewed having been pampered, preened and painted by Gems Studio in London.
Thought you might like this image of her braving the snow just after Christmas.

Come back soon.