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The Sheet Music for Austen Film Scores

Jane Austen loved to play the pianoforte. She used to copy out music from her friends into books that remain in the Chawton House library to this day. Many of these pieces- classics by Bach, Mozart, Handel and others – are readily available for today’s musicians. If you want to try your hand yourself, A Carriage Ride In Queen’s Square, a wonderful compendium of original ‘easy to play piano pieces for Jane Austen’s Bath’ with a playalong CD included, is currently available from the Jane Austen Gift Shop.

But what if you want to play music from the movie soundtracks?

Jane Austen's WorldSurely these evoke the spirit of Jane Austen at least as much as the period pieces. Fortunately, many of these- from the original dances used in the movies- to sheet music of the film scores are easily obtained.

Perhaps the most comprehensive collection of works is Jane Austen’s World published by Faber music. It includes:

Emma by Rachel Portman-
Frank Churchill Arrives
Emma (End Titles)

Sense and Sensibility by Patrick Doyle-
My Father’s Favourite
All The Better For Her
Excellent Notion
The Dreame

Pride and Prejudice by Carl Davis
Pride & Prejudice Theme
Canon Collins
The Gardiners

Persuasion by Jeremy Sams
Persuasion Main Theme
Italian Aria

Jane Austen, The Music
Another book, Jane Austen, the Music  includes a greater range of pieces from both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.
Its contents are:

Sense and Sensibility
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
A Particular Sum
My Father’s Favourite
All the Delights of the Season
Steam Engine
Excellent Notion
Combe Magna
There is Nothing Lost
The Dreame

Pride and Prejudice
Opening Title Music
Elizabeth Observed
Canon Collins
The Gardiners
Farewell to the Regiment
Thinking About Lizzy
Lydia’s Wedding
Double Wedding

Single sheets for Weep You No More Sad Fountains and My Father’s Favorite are available from the Hal Lenoard Corp. Additionally, music for just Sense and Sensibility, more recently, Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Becoming Jane have also been published. Of course, this only covers the pieces written for the films. For a list of classical music used in the movies (including many Bach and Chopin pieces in Persuasion and Mozart in Pride and Prejudice) and ordering information for all these pieces, visit the Republic of Pemberley’s Music page. For printable country dances, try Christ Peterson’s Traditional Music Page.

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Sense and Sensibility: 1995

Sense and Sensibility In 1995, Sense and Sensibility became the second Jane Austen adaptation to be written for the silver screen. Until that point all versions since the original Pride and Prejudice (1940) had been produced for television. (Persuasion had been shown in theaters two months earlier, but was originally written for television.) The film was written and starred in by Emma Thompson, who has quite a family connection with Austen films! Her sister, Sophie Thompson, played Mary Musgrove, Persuasion 1995, and Miss Bates, Emma 1996; mother Phyllida Law, played Mrs. Bates, Emma1996; brother-in-law Richard Lumsden, now married to Sophie Thompson, played Robert Ferrars in this S&S and companion Greg Wise starred as John Willoughby.Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood; Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars In The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries(her first book….an appropriate way to commemorate her first film) Emma Thompson gives a very up close and personal look at what went in to making this film, from start to finish. We are shown the difficulties of writing a script (S&S took five years!), casting a film, shooting a film, starring in a costume drama and all the little twists and turns of being so intimately acquainted with Jane Austen. Unlike any other book available on the making of any of Jane Austen’s films, this one gives you the entire picture from the point of view of both a starring actress and screenwriter. Also included is the complete script used in the film, which features a few scenes that were later cut. Continue reading Sense and Sensibility: 1995