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The Month of November in Regency Bath

November in Regency Bath

The month is November, and we’re back in the 1800s exploring Regency Bath.

The autumn has been mild, tentative and lingering, and then, suddenly, to borrow Coleridge’s phrase, “at one stride comes the dark”.

Samuel Taylor ColeridgeJane Austen was unlikely to have read “The Ancient Mariner” or even to have heard of its slightly disreputable author, though Coleridge made several visits to Bath around the time of Jane’s connection with the city. Posterity might consign these two great writers to the same library shelf because they coincide in history, but in life a huge gulf divided them. Barriers of gender, class and political affinity – not to mention the stifling social conventions – would have sent Miss Austen walking hurriedly past “STC”, if she had ever encountered his scruffy, lurching figure. What a pity – the debate they never had, between imagination and self-discipline, could have lasted well into the new nineteenth century. They would have had much to debate on the subject of fear and its control. Continue reading The Month of November in Regency Bath

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The Jane Austen Festival in Bath

An Insider’s View

It’s official! The Jane Austen Festival in Bath will be an annual event.
Following the successful launch of the Festival on the 200th anniversay of
the Austens moving into 4, Sydney Place, the go-ahead has been officially
given for next year event – and this time the festival will be over a week
long! Saturday September 21 – Sunday 29th are the proposed dates. Continue reading The Jane Austen Festival in Bath