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Jane Austen News – Issue 24

What’s the Jane Austen News this week? Virginia Woolf on Jane Austen    This week one of the favourite things that the Jane Austen News came across was a forgotten gem from the archives. In January 1924 Virginia Woolf published a review of Jane’s novels, and it made for most interesting reading. In it Woolf suggests that Jane was getting bored and, had she lived, she would have taken gone through a significant change in her writing style. It is impossible to say too much about the novels that Jane Austen did write; but enough attention perhaps has never yet been paid to the novels that Jane Austen did not write. There is a peculiar dullness and a peculiar beauty in Persuasion. The dullness is that which so often marks the transition stage between two different periods. The writer is a little bored. She has grown too familiar with the ways of her world. Had she lived a few more years only, all that would have been altered. The full article of Woolf on Austen can be found here. Why Screenwriting is Not For Austen Screenwriter Anymore Acclaimed scriptwriter Maggie Wadey, who has written some of the major Austen productions of previous years, such as the BBC’s 1987 Northanger Abbey and ITV’s 2007 Mansfield Park, has announced that she can’t see herself ever returning to the world of scriptwriting. That industry has changed so much over the past ten years. Before you used to go to a director and pitch your (more…)