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Instructions on The Game of Loo

On Playing the game of LooHow to Play the Game of Loo “On entering the drawing-room she found the whole party at loo, and was immediately invited to join them; but making her sister the excuse, said she would amuse herself for the short time she could stay below with a book.” Pride and Prejudice For the game of loo you will need: Deck: 52 card deck with Aces High Players: 5-8 best, up to 17 possible Object: To take tricks and earn a share of the pot. Preliminaries: Dealer places three chips in the pot. She deals three cards to each player, face down. The first round in the game of loo differs from other rounds. This round is called Simple Pool. Every player must play the hand she is dealt, which is called a “bold stand.” The player to the dealer’s left leads a card. The other players must play the suit led and must play a card of a higher denomination, if possible. If she has no card of the suit led, she discards any card she chooses. The trick is taken by the player who plays the highest card in the suit led. However, if one player has been unable to follow suit, the dealer turns up the top card on the deck to determine trump. If one or more cards in the trump suit has been played, the highest trump takes the trick. The person who takes the trick leads the next play. When the three tricks have been played,

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