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The Indomitable Mrs. Siddons

Mrs SiddonsMrs. Siddons – The Life of One of Britain’s Greatest Actresses “Well, mother, I have done something for you that you will like. I have been to the theatre, and secured a box for to-morrow night. A’n’t I a good boy? I know you love a play; and there is room for us all. It holds nine.” Charles Musgrove, Persuasion The theatre in Regency Bath was a part of everyday life. Society went for entertainment. Entertainers came to take the waters and perform. Of all the thespians ever to play there, however, the most beloved was Sarah Siddons. Sarah Siddons was the daughter of noted actor Richard Kimble, and was perhaps the most acclaimed tragic actress of her day. Born July 5, 1755, she performed on stage with her father’s troupe at an early age. As the oldest of 12 children, she was well educated and reportedly quite beautiful. After falling in love with one of her father’s cast members, a William Siddons, she was sent away from home to work as a Lady’s Maid. There she performed for her fellow servants and, occasionally, guests. In November, 1773, the 18 year old Sarah finally gained her parent’s blessing and married William. Now Mrs. Siddons, was free, once again, to pursue the acting she loved. Though traveling with a small troupe, it was not long before recognition was afforded her talent. Her success was enough to catch the attention of David Garrick, then nearing the end of his career. He brought

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