Andrea Galer Costumes

Andrea Galer CostumeAndrea Galer is a high-profile film costume and fashion designer with numerous credits to her name. She has been designing costumes for the last 30 years, including Witnail & I (1987), Mansfield Park (1999), Jane Eyre (2006), Persuasion (2007), and Miss Austen Regrets (2008) to name but a few.
Her skillful knowledge of the role of costume and fashion across historical periods won her a BAFTA in 2006 for costume design in Bleak House and Jane Eyre won her an EMMY in 2007.
Her costumes have been exhibited at various heritage houses to provide a deeper insight into how costumes evolve and her mindset behind them. She has also dedicated many years of research into traditional techniques and how crafts and lifestyle affect the local population.

Andrea Galer’s Regency Collection

Sally HawkinsThe Jane Austen Centre has hosted exhibitions of costumes from her work around Jane Austen.

Andrea Galer has designed the costume for our waxwork figure.

The Andrea Galer costume designed for Sally Hawkins in ITV’S Persuasion is currently on display. The Jane Austen Centre is now collaborating on selling Andrea Galer’s Regency collections which include evening and bridal wear.